The mV25 Event

The Midwest has a new startup landscape.  midVentures25 is a Chicago event for organizing and presenting the top 25 web and tech companies from Chicago, Madison, Cleveland, St. Louis, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Bloomington, Champaign, Ann Arbor, Cincinnati and every city across the Midwest.  We invite the coasts to visit Chicago and track the innovation in the center of the U.S.

Instead of becoming the “second San Francisco”, we at midVentures are more interested in connecting technology innovators to thought leaders in art, media, real estate, education, law, business, science, and politics.  We encourage entrepreneurs to meet with thought leaders in diverse disciplines — to realize the full potential of their innovations.

Why the Midwest? The midVentures team members are University of Chicago, Northwestern University, and UW-Madison grads working closely with a new class of Midwest startups, tech providers, and investors with a unique Midwest perspective — groups such as Sproutbox (Bloomington), TechNexus (Chicago), Google (Chicago), Goldstein Caldwell (Cleveland) and InNUvation (Chicago) who focus on incubating and funding new tech companies. For one day at midVentures25, the untapped potential of the ‘flyover’ startup community will be recognized.